About Us

Little River Cottage School started as a homeschool initiative and quickly grew into its current form with a playgroup and primary school classes. The school is set in the historic barn of the Sir Robert Stanford house in the heart of the village.

Run by a core group of parents, the school is in the process of registering with the various education and social development departments, and is growing with the support of families in and around Stanford.

A team of qualified and experienced teachers have developed the curriculum and programme with a focus on wholesome, creative and nature-inspired learning.



Our educational approach prescribes that:

  • each child is nurtured according to their individual potential in a kind and compassionate way
  • the learning environment will encourage children to build resilience, empathy, innovation, and the ability to make healthy choices
  • learning will reflect the recognition that all life forms are interdependent and of value


Parent participation
Parent participation is an essential component of the school structure. Roles are divided amongst parents who serve on the school mandates.

School policy prescribes that children bring fresh, balanced and nutritious lunches to school. No processed food, drinks or treats.

The Little River Cottage School is a media-free environment, where no cell phones, tablets, i-pads, etc are allowed.

The school accepts absences due to illness, all other planned absences should be arranged with the teacher.

The Little River Cottage School supports environment-friendly initiatives and strives to limit the use of single-use plastics, straws, food packaging, etc.