In preschool children are engaged in a rich world of play and discovery. Young children are living in the realm of imitation and absorb the impressions of their environment. Great care is therefore taken to provide a warm, harmonious and beautiful environment for them. Teachers focus on the quality of their interactions with each child. The classroom has a nurturing, soulful feel and all toys are made from natural materials. Teachers establish a consistent daily rhythm: time spent inside the classroom is balanced with creative play outside. The child comes to feel a sense of security in the order and harmony that is developed in the rhythm and purpose of each day.

Activities provide the children with opportunities to be creative and to develop their fine- and gross-motor skills. The children learn to tie, twist, braid, stitch, draw, paint and bake. They create meaningful seasonal crafts in preparation for the festivals. Ample time for creative free play lays the foundation for a strong imagination, creative thinking, socialisation skills and problem solving in later life. Through play the children meet each other socially and transform their own world. This inner work nurtures the child’s individuality.

The playgroup is aimed at children 2.5 – 4.5 years.
Five mornings a week from  08:00-12:00.

Kindergarten is aimed at children 4.5 – 6 years.
Five mornings a week from 08:00-12:30.