Primary School Group

In 2022 the primary school programme will provide education for two class groups: Class 1-2 (ages 7-8 years) and Class 6-7 (ages 12-13 years).  The school aims to grow again from the lower primary up, aiming to offer Grade 3 in 2023, and reinstate senior primary following that.

Our learning programme offers education in line with national South African education requirements. Our teachers work broadly and flexibly with the learning materials and the differing temperaments, maturational rates and abilities of the children in the class. The goal is not test-oriented skill levels, but rather the development of skills at an age appropriate level. There is much continued practice and consolidation of learning in an environment in which the picture-forming faculties of imagination are nourished and learning becomes a living force within each child.

The plan, provided by a team of qualified teachers, consists of the following subjects –

Learning is active, creative and holistic, and follows a biweekly main lesson roster that provides for ample practical activities and outdoor movement.

Each child’s progress in foundational literacy and mathematics is annually evaluated by an external academic standards assessment.